My mum found a kitten tied in a bag amongst loads of trash. She adopted it and it’s now happy and healthy. This is Bella







Hans + saying the one thing he knows will break each sister

Gotta love how Disney has created one of the most realistic portrayals of a sociopath in recent history, and it’s actually terrifying.

that is why he is the scariest villain of Disney to date. because he was “normal” just like the rest of us.

For me the scariest Disney villains are Judge Frollo, Hans, and Mother Gothel. Because they’re all so realistic. We see them in our everyday lives. Judge Frollo is the corrupt politician who uses their power to persecute others, Hans is the con artist who plays with people’s feelings to get what he wants, and Gothel is the emotionally abusive parent.

I agree with all of these, and I’d have to add Gaston to the list, and possibly at the top. Gaston is the man who was rejected by a woman and then decides to hurt others because of it. Is there anything more relevant to society right now?

Perfect addition! I can’t believe I forgot about Gaston!

Hans isn’t exactly what I would call a con artist considering this was probably his first time going to a kingdom to get someone’s throne. A con artist literally cons people for a living, they do it all the time. Hans is terrifying because of his sociopathic tendencies. And even then, I don’t see him as the “most terrifying villain” (just like I don’t see any of them as the most terrifying)

Sailor Moon Crystal

↳ Rei Hino

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Frozen credits + Anna and Elsa by Brittney Lee (part 1). 
Part 2 here.
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This is my new puppy! Reddit, meet Hunny

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